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Wedding Planning During A Pandemic: Online And Virtual Resources

April 11, 2020

"Even in the midst of a pandemic, we found ways to celebrate our love. We had to adjust our plans and embrace a new reality, but it was all worth it. Our virtual wedding was unique and memorable, proving that even the toughest times can't stop love."

Coronavirus brought the world to a new reality. We’ve had to change how we live, interact, invest, and earn in these uncertain times. Even worse, couples have had to change how they wed. Read on to learn more.

When the pandemic hit, the number of wedding cancellations was at an all-time high. The just-imposed quarantines, curfews, and restrictions on social gatherings meant one of the most social events in society could not happen normally. But that doesn’t mean every other couple opted to stay engaged for the lifetime of the pandemic. If you are one of the few brave couples planning your wedding during a pandemic, there are a lot of ways in which you can still have a successful day, despite being limited in numbers and constrained to a virtual setting. In this piece, you’ll learn what you should be paying attention to as you plan your nuptials and the online resources that will help you make merry out of a mess. So, dig in.

Start with Communication

The number one thing needed during these times is communication with your partner. Since you’ll be planning a wedding in a new normal, you need to easily and effectively pass information between yourselves. Start by establishing your priorities for the wedding. This is important since a pandemic usually comes with imposed restrictions that limit how much you can do on the wedding day. You can start with the dates. Discuss which dates have more meaning before you settle on the final date for the wedding. Then, discuss your venue. The regulations might limit you from hosting your wedding in your dream location, so make sure you go through everything first. Since there’ll be a lot on the table, you’ll need the help of services like Lasting, which will help you and your partner have those important discussions. A lot of compromises might be needed.

Be Flexible With Your Calendar

During a pandemic, you can’t have a fixed wedding date. Given the volatility of not just regulatory bodies but also vendors, you need to have a plan B. For instance, during the start of the coronavirus pandemic, couples who had planned their nuptials between April and June had to cancel the dates. How prepared are you for such an occurrence? Wedding postponement is not something that you can do straight off the bat. Venues, vendors, and even insurers have different wedding postponement policies. So, before you lay down the ax, consult with every party involved, and be patient with them as they handle their logistics. Resources such as this wedding postponement guide will help you navigate the waters when you need to cancel the date.

Get a lot of Online Inspiration

Inspiration will always be a constant no matter how your wedding will be celebrated. Despite having a virtual ceremony over the pandemic, some traditional wedding setups such as venue, cake, and décor still play a huge role in determining the success and mood of the day. Online inspiration will help you figure out the right venue, décor, and floral arrangement of your big day. Plus, it gives you the chance to experiment before making the final decision. Companies such as BHLDN, which was forced to close its physical stores when the pandemic hit, have launched online books that are meant to provide a wealth of inspiration to couples seeking to wed during the pandemic.

Talk to Your Insurer about Wedding Insurance during the Pandemic

Wedding insurance is a hot topic during COVID. That should be the case over any pandemic, given the new dynamic that such a crisis brings. And to navigate this hot topic, you need to have an open discussion with your insurer about their wedding policies over the pandemic. Start with asking questions about whether your insurance policy covers wedding postponement, which will be a likely occurrence before the nuptials. Their answer to this question will greatly determine whether it will be a worthwhile investment getting a wedding insurance policy if there’s a possibility you’ll postpone. Also, get to know how state regulation and any foreseen changes will affect your cover. You also need to look at the other side of the coin and ask what the insurance will do if the vendors cancel instead. Gladly, online insurance companies like Wedsure offer great advice on these critical matters that can affect a wedding planned over a pandemic.

Go Online With Gift Shopping

Gift shopping under a pandemic is still important. Despite the limited number of guests and wedding party, the few who’ll be in physical attendance deserve a token of appreciation for their incredible sacrifice and support. That’s where the gifts come in. For your groomsmen, for instance, you’ll want to shop for personalized gifts that will be best suited to pass your heartfelt gratitude to the boys. For such, online stores such as groomsmen gift source come with over 300+ groomsmen gift ideas they’ll love. But as you shop, make sure you look into the changes in delivery timelines due to the pandemic, in case the vendor has imposed any.

Discuss Your Guest List In Length

The guest list is one of the most affected bits of the modern wedding amidst the pandemic. Thanks to discouraged travel, social distancing rules, and restrictions on gatherings, couples now have to rethink their guest lists. Restrictions on gatherings, in particular, have forced most couples to trim their guest lists. As it stands, federal law allows for a maximum of 10 people at a social gathering, while health experts have given a tentative figure of 50. That is a tough list to work with. So, to navigate through the narrow and murky waters, have a lengthy discussion with your partner on who is key to the wedding party and therefore should not be left out. And while you’re having this discussion, understand that you’ll have to disappoint a couple of people as you narrow down your list. However, you can offer a virtual alternative to the guests who’ll not be physically present. Virtual planning brands such as Don’t Let the Day Go By are well versed in this.

Be Ready With Email Templates to Quickly Pass Information

Emails should be your best friend in planning a wedding over a pandemic. It is the quickest and most professional way to pass information to vendors, insurers, caterers, and guests at your wedding. And since a lot of that will be going on, it’ll be a nice idea to arm yourself with a flurry of email templates to send to each party involved. Essentially, you should have an email template for the wedding planner, wedding venue, a wedding inquiry template, a general wedding vendor email template, a wedding guest template, and a wedding party template. Yes, that’s a lot. But if you follow this guide, all you’ll have to do is fill in the blanks.

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