History of Mojalaki Country Club

Wedding & Event Venue
Franklin, NH

Established 1920

This beautiful land with its breathtaking views of Mt. Kearsarge and the Merrimack River Valley is steeped in history. For 1000’s of years after the glaciers retreated, Native Americans hunted and gathered food on Mojalaki’s slopes. The Merrimack River below provided passage for the people, as well as huge runs of spawning Salmon and Shad each year. “Mojalaki” comes from a Native American word meaning “carrying place,” a reference to the canoe portages around the nearby rapids where the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee Rivers come together.

A Gathering and Carrying Place for Millennia

After the French and Indian War in the mid-1700s, settlers traveled up the Merrimack to farm in river towns like Franklin. Engineers came to harness the power of the rivers, and a thriving manufacturing community arose. For a time, Mojalaki was the Flanders Family Farm, one of many that grew food for Franklin’s mill workers.

Mojalaki Country Club opened its doors in 1920 as one of NH’s most challenging golf courses. Designed by course architect Wayne Stiles, it drew golf enthusiasts from all over New England who gave it rave reviews for its challenges and rustic beauty.

Since then, the clubhouse and grounds have hosted countless weddings, reunions, proms, and fundraisers. One of the earliest recorded events was a farewell dinner for Miss Trenoweth, the Assistant to the State Librarian. This event was hosted in 1924 and everyone from the State Library and the Library Commission attended.

While Mojalaki now grows wine grapes and berries, the open architecture of the original golf course remains. The beautiful landscape, clubhouse, and views are being maintained as a vital part of the community that has supported it for 100 years. It will remain steadfast to its history of being a welcoming place to bring people together for weddings, proms, community gatherings, and special events. You may know a “Mojalaki Wedding Couple” who were carried by the love of family and friends into a lifelong partnership. Mojalaki continues to be a “carrying place” and partner for the best events and memories life can provide.

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