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"Diamond of the Season Ball Event"


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Step into Elegance: Bridgerton Diamond of the Season Ball Event

Event Details:

Date: September 21st, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm to Midnight
Location: Mojalaki Country Club

Join us for a night of enchantment at the Diamond of the Season Ball. Experience an evening of elegance and sophistication, where you can indulge in a charcuterie board, delightful desserts, and a champagne toast—all included in your ticket price. Non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the night, and a cash bar will be on hand for alcoholic beverages.

*Dinner is served at 9:00 pm, with a buffet dinner option available at the door for $30 per person.

Special Bridgerton Event Highlights:

  • Exquisite Attire: Dress to impress! We encourage elegant hair and dress.
  • Crowning Ceremony: The Diamond of the Season will be crowned and will choose two court members to join them as next year’s Queen.
  • Exclusive Tickets: Limited to 150 tickets at $60 each.
  • Themed Activities: Look out for hidden bees and Lady Whistledown’s Society Paper. Participate in a fun game where the person who finds the most bees wins a special prize.


Embrace the charm and intrigue of the Bridgerton world at this unforgettable event.